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Laughing Out Loud

“Laughing Loudly Everyday!”

This post is part of the Sarah’s View Series.

Makes me want to smile! Without laughing, laughing is happy. If you’re sad, laugh! If someone says something funny, laugh out loud! You laugh!
The dorm girls makes me laugh because they bicker and it makes me want to laugh because I hope to make them laugh. Go look in the mirror and laugh at yourself. Why am I laughing? I’m laughing because I am happy, because something out of the ordinary made me laugh.
Laughing is contagious. You need to laugh. You need to have no stress, no pain. Laugh.
Any maybe if you’re laughing and they ask what’s funny, I share. Or I would tell them that laughing is a very good skill and that it is a very healthy thing.
When somebody is being funny… it makes me laugh. It makes me laugh when they say things that are out of the ordinary. How they react to things. When people imitate you, it makes me laugh. It’s like a skit! I can’t stop laughing when someone tickles me! I jump and start laughing. I laugh at everything. I laugh at Michael Ghant. His remarks make you want to laugh! It makes me laugh when people make funny comments.
People should laugh because it is healthy! It is healthy to laugh because it makes me feel good.
If you’re stressed out, or things are not going your way, LAUGH!
“Created by my family, the book of quotes helps me and others to be a better person. They are good pointers. The book makes me feel a lot better. It makes you feel the good in you. I want to share these quotes with other people so they can learn to be a better person.” – Sarah

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