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Kevin Inspires Us!

Wow! Our own SHS student Kevin has received a great honor! Alexis Hardesty of Youth Leadership Frankfort selected Kevin as the person “Who Inspires Her”! Youth Leadership Frankfort is designed to develop high school students into leaders who are informed, motivated, and committed to working toward an improved quality of life. The goal of the program is to identify and help develop youth with leadership skills and an indepth knowledge of the Frankfort/Franklin County Community.

by Alexis Hardesty
Youth Leadership Frankfort Class of 2010

Through my many community endeavors I have been blessed with many opportunities to meet many inspirational people. But, perhaps one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, I met in the most unlikely of places. Although he is thoughtful and compassionate, I did not meet him at a service project or school blood drive, and even though he has taught me more about true kindness than anyone I know, he is not one of my teachers. Kevin, a student at Stewart Home School, and one of my previous co-workers from Dairy Queen, is the most inspirational person I have ever met. His optimism and clever sense of humor give him the ability to brighten up a room within a matter of minutes. He is kind, tenderhearted and the most thoughtful person I have ever met, as anyone could see from the letters, pictures and newspaper cutouts that now cover my room. Kevin is not only the sweetest person I have ever met, he also works the hardest out of anyone I have ever met. His work ethic is truly astounding. After having the privilege of working with Kevin, I can safely say he rubbed off on me. I am now a more tedious worker, and more responsible employee, and person, thanks to Kevin. Kevin has definitely changed me in many ways, but it is impossible to describe exactly how much Kevin has impacted my life. After meeting Kevin, I found myself working a little harder at work, and at school, smiling a little more often, and laughing a little more freely. Kevin is someone I admire very much, and someone whom I am proud to call my friend and inspiration.