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Hygiene and Grooming


Hygiene is a subject we talk about almost daily here at Stewart Home & School. We even have a grooming class where students focus solely on their grooming and hygiene habits. Students learn about brushing, flossing, hand washing, and many other activities, using props to help illustrate.

Our latest topic is germs. How are germs spread? What is a germ? What do germs do? Where do you get germs? These are all questions we answer in grooming class, along with a solution to how to prevent the sharing of germs. We used bubbles to illustrate germs and how they move through the air and how they are shared. The students loved the bubbles, but learned that germs float and land on items all around us. Hand washing is a solution we spoke about in the prevention of germ sharing. Students are shown how to wash the nail beds, their palms, the tops of their hands, and to make sure to get under any jewelry they are wearing. Learning about germs using bubbles was fun!

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  1. Debbie Hall says:

    Wow Andrew, your classes look like so much fun! No wonder you love your school so much!!!

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