Human Kindness - Frankfort State Journal Editorial - July 10, 2013 - Stewart Home & School

Human Kindness – Frankfort State Journal Editorial – July 10, 2013

editorial cartoon

On the editorial page of Wednesday’s Frankfort State Journal, there was an extremely heartwarming ‘cartoon’, along with an accompanying editorial piece. We are pleased to be able to share both with you! Thank you to the State Journal, the author of the editorial, and artist Linda Boileau.

“Human Kindness”

Sometimes people don’t know how to act – or react – to residents of Stewart Home School, a jewel of a facility located near Frankfort.

Those who live at Stewart Home have varying degrees of mental challenges. The facility’s website describes them as “intellectually disabled individuals”.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, needs, wants and desires.

Emily Patton’s story in the Tuesday sports section of the State Journal reported how three college students from Frankfort, home for the summer, are spending one day a week playing golf with some Stewart Home residents.

We don’t know what these three young men – Ryan Sturm, Aaron Brown and Garrett Hamilton – are majoring in, but we are bestowing upon them an honorary degree in human kindness.

This really isn’t about golf, but rather it is about spending time with those who deserve the respect and friendship these three men are showing them.

If you have something you like to do – playing a sport, enjoying a recreational activity, cooking, music, etc. – consider following the lead of Sturm, Brown and Hamilton and sharing it with residents of Stewart Home School.

Three cheers for these three shining examples.