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My High School Graduation Party

My high school graduation day and party by:  Lydia

high school graduation

Rachael snapped a photo of Lydia with her mother, David Sellwood, and Sandra Bell on her big day!

In May I had a special day when I got my diploma from my hometown high school.  The Superintendent, Dr. John Quick, read a special speech just for me. Dr. George VanHorn and Mr. Bill Jensen gave me the diploma because they were the directors of the program I did when I was in high school.   They knew I had worked really hard and wanted my diploma.

I was also happy that my Grandmother gave me flowers.  Also, my friend Dennis Heathfield, from far away, came and surprised me.

The next day my Mom and brother had a big party for me.  We had over 120 friends from Columbus and SHS come to the party. My friend Maxwell Joyner had a special authentic taco bar.  There also was lots of vegetables that Brooke and Josh made, cheeses with olives and fruit.  For dessert I had Hello Kitty cupcakes that Mom ordered special because I love Hello Kitty.  The tables all had bright pink table linens and flowers because I love pink.

Thank you Rachael Stewart, Sandy Bell and David Sellwood for coming to my party.

Love, Lydia

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