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“Hello, this is Liz from Stewart Home School”


Recently Assistant Director Shelley Sellwood-Davis and two students attended the National Down Syndrome Congress Annual Convention in Denver, CO. Liz was especially honored to attend this year’s convention and wanted to share her memories from the trip as we celebrate National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

By the end of the trip, Liz was responding to everyone (including her family on the phone), “Hello, this is Liz from Stewart Home School”.

Hi my is Liz. I what tell to you what to Denver. We did evething in worship it is so much fun. weather is very warm and nice too. Then we go get Kristen and our registrut open from 7 and 7:30 and I am excellent. Go to dinner they have good food.
The Hotel is very nice and best water they it is good. Will live at Denver he show us aroud Down Syndronie Confiasise for spical weed’s. Larn more about kinds down there and a good time down. They we wlk arud in Denver it all differ people sick and Down Syndronice. I was excellent. What Shelley pick me for Faimly Weekend. I was Happy toghter. And I get more notes then Shelley. I have good time down there! It is fun. I mak new friend in confiasis. they are nice. we go to dance 7:00 to 9:00 it is so nice. On ok the workship friendship culb we art and crafts it is so mch fun.