Gloria's Gift - Talent Tuesday - Stewart Home & School

Gloria’s Gift – Talent Tuesday

Gifted Gloria

Miss Gloria, daughter of Mrs. Sylvia and late Dr. Howard, was born February 11, 1955. Gloria has a younger brother affectionately called “Bernie”.  Gloria has attended Stewart Home & School since April 2007.  Gloria is diagnosed with Williams syndrome. Gloria participates in all activities to celebrate her Jewish Faith.  She is often called upon to lead in singing when attending Synagogue or Temple.

Gloria is a renowned singer and musician and can sing in 28 languages. She has studied with the best of the best to excel in her craft of singing. Gloria has traveled extensively over the years all over the world performing in opera’s and playing her accordion. She does a lot of benefit concerts as a soloist. To give an example of her depth of talent, Gloria was asked to commit to memory Samuel Barber’s Oratorio, Knoxville, Summer of 1915. This is a piece of music that is considered complex and challenging in the modern repertoire. Gloria learned this piece in a very short time only having to re-learn in a matter of weeks before performing it due to the different tempo of the orchestra director. Gloria has been on many national T.V. shows including Sally Jessy Raphael.

 Gloria continues to be a talented, caring and an integral part of Stewart Home & School, still continuing her private voice lessons with our former music teacher and accordion lessons with Tony Lovello who in his own right is a accomplished performer.

 We are privileged to have Gloria as a student and part of our Stewart Home & School Jewish Community.

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For more on Williams-Beuren syndrome, visit


Williams-Beuren syndrome

11 comments on Gloria’s Gift – Talent Tuesday

  1. Tom goetter says:

    Good job! Keep up the good vibes

  2. Kathy K says:

    What a beautiful voice you have! Your songs must bring so much joy to others! Keep on singing!

  3. Marie Caruso says:

    Gloria, Thanks for the lovely example of your singing abilities. You inspire me and heal will show this to my 6 year old grandson Robbie who is a Williams child.

  4. liz Costello says:

    Love your voice! Miss you.
    Love, Bob, Liz & Meghan

  5. Brenda Robertson says:

    I am so pleased to see you have remained happy at the Stewart Home and School. Your performance of “Smile” made me smile. 🙂 I hope to see you and your mom soon.

  6. Great to see such a lovely article and know that you are still singing and entertaining! We all hope to see you sometime soon.
    With warm thoughts of you and your family

  7. Tom Fleming (Bret's Dad) says:

    What a pleasure to hear your voice again. You look & sound great.

  8. Dale Watson says:

    I’m glad I know you. I wish I could have heard you perform when you were in Crescent City.

  9. Al & Arlene chaikin says:

    I’m glad your still singing, you still sing like a angel. You father Howard may he RIP and mother Sylvia were always so proud of you. Its been along time since meeting you at WS camp.
    Love you and miss you
    Al, Arlene and of course Kimberly

  10. Christine Fogg Horton says:

    Gloria, you sound so GOOD! Love to you, Sylvia and Bernie!

  11. Christine Fogg Horton says:

    A ray of pure sunshine! Sounding great, looking fit! Love you cutie!

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