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The Future of Stewart Home & School

While I was walking on campus the other day, Ashley asked me “Who’s going to run the school now?” It was a very appropriate question coming from a student and I am certain that some of you, as supporters, may have the same question.

Dr. Stewart has been our Chairman, our leader, our primary doctor, and our inspiration for over 55 years. While he was very involved in every aspect of school operations, he had the foresight decades ago to begin delegating important, key responsibilities to a broad range of people in all different areas of management and clinical care. He wanted the operations and mission of the school to be seamless when he was no longer here, and so it will be.

The fifth generation Рthe four adult children of Dr. Stewart Рis committed to all that he represented and worked so hard for in providing lifelong learning and community-like atmosphere for special needs students.

Your support, along with the support of our employees, families, and the community of Frankfort, is a critical part of carrying on the mission of Dr. Stewart and the three generations before him.

On behalf of:

John D. Stewart, II

Jean Ann Stewart Banker

Catherine Stewart Brown

Charles W. Stewart


J. Barry Banker

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