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Franklin County Fair Friends

The students know it’s time to go to the county fair when the weather gets warm and the parks start to open for business.

The all-access adventure to the Franklin County Fair is a summer treat that students look forward to and appreciate. “Yum,” they say, as we walk past some closed food vendors. “Look at those stuffed animals!” says another as we walk by the game stands. The park is closed to the public this time of day, but our students get to walk around admiring the rides and the vendors and take their time soaking in all the sites and sounds that a county fair has to offer. The workers are so nice and accommodating and work hard to show us a grand time.

The Franklin County Fair Board treated us to yet another wonderful gift this year. Some free rides at the county fair!

Our students love roller coasters and fairs, as we have all come to know, and it is a special time for us to see our friends as we travel to the fair grounds and ride the fun rides with no lines. Ms. Jackie met us with a smile as she has for the last several years, picking out the best rides for us to ride. She always does a great job at that!

But the most special part are not the rides, but it is seeing our friends on the Franklin County Fair Board who look forward to our return every summer. When asked how long the Franklin County Fair has been hosting Stewart Home  & School Jackie responds with, “as long as I can remember and I have been here a long time,” she said. And we appreciate it each and every year.

So, thank you, Franklin County Fair Board, for more memories and another year of fun.

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