Frankfort Roundabout, Dec., 31, 1898 - Stewart Home & School

Frankfort Roundabout, Dec., 31, 1898

* This article was written in the Frankfort newspaper in the Roundabout. It is comparable in our annual tradition that still holds true more than a hundred years later! What a sweet article. 

“A Happy Time at the Stewart Home”

On last Saturday evening the annual entertainment for the children at the Stewart Home took place. The chapel was decorated in the usual Xmas decorations, cedar, misletoe and holly, whilst the tree (an exceptionally beautiful one), dressed in tinsel and snow flakem and brilliantly illuminated, was planted immediately in front of the state, ladened with every conceivable toy and lovely presents for each and every child. Many of the children were remembered by their loved ones at home, and those who have no homes were made none the less happy.

Each child came into the chapel all excitement to see what “Santa Claus” had put on the tree for them, and after being told by the Superintendent, Dr. J.P. Stewart, in his ever gentle and kind manner, to come up and take a good look before it was spoiled, they rushed forward  – then back to their seats, eager to see what their gifts would be.

“Glory to God in the Highest,” was played on the oran by the young and estimable wife of Dr. J. P. Stewart, when the whole school sang. Following this, were recitations, in which many of the smaller children took part, acquitting themselves in a surprising manner. Then, “Arise ye Pilgrims” was sung, whereupon, the distribution of presents began, and as each one’s name was called their faces beamed with happiness.

Upon the whole it was a delightful evening for the children and grown folks, and one in which all felt amply paid for every effort made in that direction.

After a “social” in the chapel all left carrying their bags of candy and arms full of gifts, to the beautiful Qaudrangle, brilliantly lighted and prepared for the “fire works.: Then to rest – no doubt to dream of who this Santa Claus is, who is so good to them.

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