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Fitness and Dining – Creative Dining Services does it all!

On October 16 Creative Dining Services put on a fitness event for all the Stewart Home & School students.  Students were invited to participate in a brief and simple exercise routine that they could do anytime, whether in their rooms, at home, or even outside on a nice day.  Eddy Shouse and Michael Ghant graciously led the students in the routine, which of course was pretty comical!  The students were shown how to stretch and warm up before they start their exercise and then shown simple exercises that can get their heart rate up without equipment.  The students were then shown how to cool down and stretch again after the routine.  Students who attended received a water bottle and a General Mills snack.  There was also a Grand Prize drawing for 2 FitBits.  The winners of the FitBits were Bruce and Jon!  Congratulations to both gentlemen!!!

Creative Dining Services was pleased to be able to have a very special guest with us for the event as well.  The students were surprised with a visit from the Cheerios Honey Bee!  General Mills sponsored the event for CDS.  As a company, Creative Dining partners with their distributors and vendors to host events like these for all of its accounts.  We were very excited to be able to bring this kind of event to Stewart Home & School.  These events are just the small things Creative Dining Services does to show we are not just a food company but a complete hospitality company.  We all had a really great time and enjoyed watching the students do the exercise routine.  A special thanks to all the staff of Stewart Home & School that worked behind the scenes to help make this event a huge success!

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