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Fish Fry For Dinner

Paul’s Fish Fry Is An Annual Tradition


Once again we were graced with the culinary skills of the one, the only…Paul Scott! Paul was wonderful enough to come and cook with us again for another fish fry! 

Paul suggested we try a fish that many of us had not even heard of: swai (sounds like chai!). He also gave us a little trivia lesson as he was fryin’ up those puppies!

Swai is a Catfish from Vietnam which has a milder taste and more delicate texture than our native Channel Catfish and may therefore be more approachable for people who do not normally care for catfish.  Swai are moist, sweet and mild flavored with beige colored flesh which turns white after cooking.  It is coarser and more grainy textured than Basa, which is closely related and sometimes wrongly sold as Swai. 

It was fantastic. Oh, and the hushpuppies…the delectable hushpuppies! I am not really a fan of hushpuppies in general,  but the ones that Paul makes? We can’t get enough! He even made two different kinds of hushpuppies…some that were plain, and some had jalapeños. Oh, my goodness…it doesn’t get any better than that!

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