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Fine Creativity

Creativity and Imagination

There is nothing better than supporting creativity and imagination! In what better class to do so than Fine Arts? Peggy Mucci allows her students to run with their ideas and imagination to keep students engaged and happy in the classroom. “We come up with an idea and we just go with it,” Mucci said. Sophia, a new SH&S student, fit right in!

“I’m going to use my imagination,” said Sophia as she set up sound pillows on the floor of the fine arts classroom while shaking her red shakers. “Red, yellow, orange, all of them,” she said. Sophia used the sound pillows to begin her musical obstacle course. Colored footprints, keyboards, colored arrows, triangles, symbols, and many more instruments were used in her obstacle course that she planned to take her classmates through. “We took all the classroom supplies we had and made sounds,” said Peggy Mucci. And the sounds were beautiful!

“Pick an instrument,” Sophia said, as the first student started their journey through the course. “Now the yellow one,” Sophia said. “The blue one!” she said. Sophia’s classmates got to work on their colors and shapes as she called them out, guiding them through her obstacle course. “Now the blue arrow,” she said, all while shaking and making noise with their chosen instrument. “It’s a fun way for them to work together,” said Peggy Mucci.

Check out the video of her creating her obstacle course!

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