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Family Weekend Thoughts

A Transition in Thought


We Are Stewart

As I finish up editing photos, videos, and much more from Family Weekend, while students have transitioned into their new schedules, I continue to be invigorated with energy about working at Stewart Home & School. I often get asked where I work and after telling them about Stewart Home & School, I usually say something to the affect of “I can’t explain it.” Or “You just need to come visit.”

I am overcome with pride as I see new families immerse themselves in the activities and am just enamored at their abilities to transition into this new chapter of their lives, and especially their students’ transition.

Stewart Home & School can be an overwhelming place on a daily basis, but Family Weekend? I remember my first Family Weekend like it was yesterday. I believe I stood paralyzed at the start of the parade before Mr. Banker approached me and said, “It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?” Why yes, Mr. Banker. It is. In the most delightful way. I remember frantically trying to shoot everything and hoping I didn’t miss a moment. I remember thinking that our parade has to be the best parade in the world! (I have covered many parades in my days at the newspaper.) I remember laughing and smiling as I took photos during the play and seeing students in a light I had never seen before. I remember meeting families for the first time with a hug. I remember being completely exhausted but anxious and excited to go through the thousands of photos that were taken that weekend. And I meticulously edited, hoping I wouldn’t miss a single good one!

“We Are Stewart” could not have been a better theme for Family Weekend this year. This year our students went through a lot of transitions in the classroom as the new pre academic building was being renovated. Our staff and students helped each other through the transition, as many of our students (as well as staff) do not like change. The students seemed to seamlessly adapt to the new locations of their classrooms and continue learning and thriving. Now that is impressive.

“We Are Stewart” encompasses so much. It is hard to put into words all the moments that reenforced it. Watching houseparents dance with students who didn’t have family present. Watching families “adopt” students who needed a family for the weekend. Watching our guests from the community interact with our students and their families. I could go on and on.

As I write this post, I wonder, “I wonder how families view it. I wonder how they felt about “We Are Stewart”.”

Please share. Please share YOUR experience and share why you think “We Are Stewart” because we will never stop being Stewart and we want to be the best Stewart we can be!

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We hope you had a wonderful Family Weekend and we can’t wait to see you next year!




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