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Family Visits Family

I would like to share my appreciation and affection for everyone at Stewart who helps my dear sister Carolyn have such a fine life there. Every time I visit it seems to get better….. for me AND Carolyn; I hope you all take as much pleasure from your gifts of care and peace of mind and security that you provide for our loved ones as those of us who have entrusted you to do so deeply appreciate.

This Halloween visit was such an example of why I can sleep well knowing Carolyn is safe, loved and cared for. From a chance to meet and talk about Carolyn and her needs with Sharon to Jessica’s care in setting up our visit experience and helping get the banana costume and later especially to everyone who helped take care of Carolyn at the Infirmary with calm care in the midst of Trick or Treat madness and then a restful, quiet place for Carolyn and me to rest and unwind….. Much love and gratitude.

I am always happy when I visit Carolyn at her home!

Love to all!


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  1. Sherri Mosley says:

    I echo your sentiments exactly. Stewart Home School is a very special place!

    1. Kaye Thompson says:

      What lovely comments about “our” Stewart Home School. I feel the same way about my brother Freddie having such a wonderful place to be. He’s made such progress since he has been there. He’s happy, and that is all my family wants…a place for him to be happy and grow. I thank God every day for Stewart Home School. I can’t wait until my next visit.

      1. Tricia Brill says:

        And we are so lucky to have Freddie here and have you as a part of our family. Freddie is a wonderful addition to the family and just loves dancing and going to activities.

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