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Eye Hand Coordination in Pre Ac Computer

Students Continue with Eye Hand Coordination Techniques

This September as we start our Fall Schedule here at Stewart Home & School, the students seem excited about their new schedules!  In the Pre- Academic Computer Lab we are working from a book called “Computers Made Friendly” where students will learn the basic computer skills and continue with their eye hand coordination skills.  We will be doing various worksheets periodically for part of our class and using the computers for the remainder of class time as a part of implementing this book into our curriculum.  This year for those students that are not techies, we have touch screen educational tablets and for those that love to color they will work with the Crayola Light-Up Board and Designer Kit.

Michael really enjoyed working with the Touch Screen Tablet, he enjoyed just answering the questions by touching the picture, number or alphabet.  This is a great way to see our students faces just light up when they have answered something correctly and they can hear affirmation of their progress.  This Fall students will continue to work on learning to get into their programs, logging on, eye/hand coordination using the mouse.  Repetition and patience are the key as students that would not sit in front of the computer will sit and engage whether watching something, keyboarding, or playing games.  We will be exploring websites to encourage a fun learning experience this Fall!

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