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Warning: Explosion of fun!

Don’t worry, it was a volcanic explosion… not a student! Although, the students exploded with excitement when they saw the wax coming up through the rocks on our second experiment. We first tried to do the science experiment using dishwashing liquid, vinegar, and a really cool looking homemade volcano, but we thought we would try another route as well. IMG_4852



We made a video! Check it out here!     IMG_4858







Our second experiment was even cooler! We used heat, water, rocks, and wax to show how a volcano explodes under water! This is how islands are formed!! First, we placed a red crayon on the bottom of a flask, then rocks (to signify the bottom of the ocean. You can use sand, but rocks works as well), then water. We then placed the flask on the bunsen burner and waited patiently. The bubbles started from the bottom, then RED WAX bubbled to the top! The red wax would bubbled to the top like the volcanic lava would if a volcano exploded under water.

Check out our video of it!




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