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Employee Spotlight – Giggles

Employee Recognized for More Than Her Giggle

In January 2012, we were lucky enough to attract and hire Kristen R. Sanford, a young nurse whose dedication to her work and bubbly personality made her a great fit for us.  Now, four and a half years later, we are honoring her in our August Employee Spotlight.

Kristen recalls telling her father after only three weeks on the job, “I’m going to retire from there.” With her infectious giggle she declared during our interview that she still feels the same way.

Kristen’s favorite memory is of Jolly’s family (about 30 of them) coming to the infirmary to sing Christmas carols to Jolly. It made a lasting impression on Kristen. Kristen says she became very attached to Jolly, commenting, “She was my baby. After her bath, I would rub her arms and legs and feet with lotion and Jolly would say, ‘MMMMMM! You smell so good!’ And I would say, ‘Honey, that is you!” Kristen revealed that after Jolly passed away, Jolly’s family gave her an angel wings Christmas ornament, which she cherishes and says she celebrates Jolly when she hangs the ornament on her tree each year.

Kristen says what has changed the most for her since coming to Stewart Home & School is the transition that comes with a new Nurse Practitioner and a new medical software program. She smiles when she is asked what has remained the same and answered, “Our love and care for our students. It is awesome how everybody in every department loves these kids.”

In her free time, Kristen loves to scrapbook, (she makes a book for her three beautiful children every birthday and a family yearbook) and has recently been focusing on her health – hitting the gym several times a week. She says she is also determined to have a healthy family.

Kristen has an infectious smile and when asked what she is famous for, quickly answers, “my giggle”. (I already knew that.) She says she is also known for her singing – nothing that she sang to her husband at their wedding.

If she had not come to Stewart Home & School, Kristen believes she might have sought out a job as a school nurse or a pediatrician’s office to work with children. We are so happy she chose us and wants to he here until retirement. We recognize her today for four years of dedicated service and for the love and care she gives our student every day.

– written by Machele Lawless

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  1. Mary Johnson says:

    Kristen is a treasure, indeed! Thank you for featuring her and letting the world know even 1/10th of her awesomeness! Love the whole medical staff!

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