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Employee Spotlight – Exemplary !

Exemplary Employee

Stewart Home & School’s September Employee of the Month could not be more deserving or hard working; and we have reaped the benefits of his commitment, enthusiasm, energy, wit, creativity and charm since 2003. It is not a surprise that the students love Brandon Cheak.

Brandon’s coworkers never know what to expect out of him! No matter what the circumstances, Brandon is able to bring a postiice light the other situation and provides comic relief at all times!

Above all else, Brandon demonstrates his love for our students every day. He never hesitates to take a moment to spend time with them – laughing with them or assisting them in some way.

Brandon’s favorite memory was a year ago – a week before Christmas. He was taking a large busload of students to the Cincinnati Airport to fly home for the holidays when a snow storm began. I watched him carry Carol down to the bus, and they were both laughing as he carried her through a FOOT of snow! Brandon ended up spending 23 hours at the airport that night; and there is no doubt that the students there with him enjoyed every moment.

Brandon feels the biggest change he has seen since he began working at Stewart Home & School is the increase in younger student enrollments. We have such a wonderful variety of age groups. He says what has stayed the same is the welcoming and loving way he is greeted every time he comes on campus.

Brandon is admired by so many staff, students and families because of his level of devotion to the students. Whether he is taking a busload of students to his home for a holiday meal or taking them out on a rare night off work, Brandon exemplifies the values of Stewart Home & School.

– written by Superintendent David Sellwood.

Stewart Home & School is a residential school for people of all ages with special needs. The mission of Stewart Home & School is the complete and total care of its students and the fulfillment of all their needs – physical, educational, social, vocational and spiritual. The faculty of the school program has experience with the learning styles of people with Autism, Down’s syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and Williams syndrome, as well as other intellectual disability diagnoses.  It is the objective of the school program to create successful learning experiences for all students and to consistently reinforce the students’ enthusiastic motivation for participation and further growth.  There are high expectations for each individual and it is a joy to see successes celebrated each day!


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  1. KEVIN COHEN says:


    1. Angela Goetter says:

      Brandon is one of F staff here at school he is the coolest person I know he has a great heart neething you want he can get it for you

  2. Seth aptaker says:

    Brandon cheack is a great guy he was also the one u took us to temple and the movies for silver screen club keep up the hard wok Brandon hope to see u next YEAR

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