Employee Spotlight - Doug Murphy - Stewart Home & School

Employee Spotlight – Doug Murphy

Doug Murphy started with Stewart Home and School on January 20, 2020.  He was hired by Machele Lawless, Melissa Ford, and Ricky Gaines,  Unanimously!  Doug was hired as a Full Time Housekeeping staff, but he is also one of the Part time Recreation Staff, and a Basketball Referee during Basketball season, and has worked in Laundry when needed also.

When asked what he enjoys most about his job, he says he loves to joke with the students, and he  very much enjoys his co-workers and the  other staff here. He reports that he sought out a job here when he decided he needed a change from his previous job, and his best memory since being here is experiencing his first  Family Weekend.  The biggest change he has noticed since working here is the number of new faces, students and staff, that he encounters on campus.  In his free time, Doug likes to cook and hang out with his wife and son.  He does not have any collections specifically, but he is most famous for his BBQ Sauce that he makes from scratch—Double D’s Sweet Heat BBQ .

Doug’s Favorites:


Uncommon Man

by Tony Dugy






Sports Team:

University of


Vacation spot:

Tybee Island


Summer and Fall

When asked where he would be working if he had not come to work here at Stewart Home and School—he replied “I would still be working for the Anderson County School System.  We are so glad you decided to come to work with us here, Doug!  Your smile and laughter brighten our days.

               -Ricky Gaines

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