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Employee Spotlight – Candia Broughton

Enter Candia M. Broughton (aka Candi) on the scene on 5/13/19. She was inter-viewed by Dr. John Stewart and COO Stephen Randolph and was hired on to work as one of our lead medical staff in Student Health. She brings humor and a gentle calm wherever she goes. Candi states her favorite part of her job is the daily hugs and laughs she shares with our residents. Candi first learned of Stewart Home & School from her friend (and Stewart Home & School employee), Rhonda M. Stevens. She described the family atmosphere and work environment to her, and Candi was intrigued. Candi loves all things here, but her absolute favorite is Halloween time. She gets excited for the costume parade and trick/treating with the residents in the cul-de-sac. Staff dress up and decorate their vehicles and it is just a party for all.

When asked what has changed the most in her time here, she stated ‘the medical staff’. But regardless of the turnaround, she is consistently impressed

with the teamwork and TEAM attitude the ladies all have!

In her free time, Candi enjoys shopping reading, and spending time with family and friends. Especially her 3 year old grandson, Tripp. She has a vast collection of purses, and is famous for her Mac and Cheese.

Candi’s Faves:


The Twilight Series


All the Transform-er & Jurassic Park movies



Garcias & Marimbas


Vacation Spot

Any Beach, and Clearwater FL.

Her favorite Netflix Series is Scandal.

She says if she had not come to SHS, she would be working full-time at her spa, Amazing Face Med Spa and Cryo Frost.

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  1. Madison Cullinan says:

    I love all staff at SHS, I miss everyone but I am doing well.

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