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Employee Spotlight

Shining Employee Spotlight

It is a pleasure indeed to shine the Employee Spotlight on Ricky Gaines this month. Ricky has been with Stewart Home & School collectively for 11 1/2 years over three periods of service.

Ricky was promoted to Housekeeping Supervisor in late 2013 and juggles the ever-changing demands of his team masterfully.

Ricky says one of his best memories of SH&S is a day when Chip had lost his shoe in front of Manor Hall and he and his crew watched Jonathan try to help Chip get his shoe back on – quite comical. Ricky smiled when he also recalled his first day back to work after being gone for a couple of years. He was amazed at how many students remembered him and said that David came running and screaming, “Look, it’s Wicky! It’s Wicky!”

When asked what Ricky thinks has changed the most since he has come to work at Stewart Home & School, Ricky remarks that the facilities on campus are constantly changing and improving. As for what has remained the same, Ricky says the way we care for our student has always been consistent.

I asked Brad (student worker) to tell me about Ricky. He described him this way, “I like working with him. He is fair and loyal. He teases me and makes me laugh. He is a good person. If I had to pick a supervisor here, I would pick him. He has a great personality.”

Ricky says he is famous for his “laid-back personality”. In his spare time, Ricky enjoys gardening (vegetables and flowers) and fishing with his wife, Serena.

We are so fortunate to have Ricky and thank him today for his service to SH&H and his unwavering dedication to our students.


Machele Lawless

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