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Dr. Stewart’s Professional Transition

Professional Transition

2016 is a year of professional transition for me.  I have always worn two hats, so to speak: chief medical officer for Stewart Home & School and managing partner of Fayette Surgical Associates, Lexington’s busiest general and vascular surgery practice.  As many know, I have always conducted a Monday evening clinic and additionally speak daily with the medical staff office.  This supplements our health care team’s work which includes our own nurses, med-techs and night watch along with the nurse practitioner primary care specialists from Bluegrass Extended Care, who specialize in adult internal medicine and long-term care facility treatment.  I have reduced my OR time this year by one third.  Effective January 2017, I will conclude my surgery practice to be here full-time.  The medical side will be my traditional focus, but the new time will be administrative, co-managing operations with Barry Banker.  Come January, I’ll be wearing one hat.

– John D. Stewart

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  1. Diane Goetter says:

    That sounds like a good plan to me. Besides the fact that it is a great comfort to have a Dr. around all the time, the kids and families love you! We’re glad you will be around more often!

  2. Mary and Rick Johnson says:

    Wonderful news! Thank you for posting! So grateful for the incredible team that makes up Stewart Home and School Health and Medical services!

    Congratulations on your newly streamlined professional life, Dr. Stewart, and thank you for focusing your talent, efforts, and extraordinary skills on our students.

  3. Donna Chapin says:

    So happy you will be “commanding the ship”! I think it will be a great way to coordinate management, care, and follow up for the students and families.

  4. Kim & Holly Easterling says:

    So grateful for the ongoing commitment of the Stewart Family to SHS – generation-to-generation. The impact of your family on so many lives, and the lives of their loving families. Thank you for your dedication. Prayers for a smooth and seamless transition to your new position.

  5. Nancy Hyde says:

    Happy for Stephen, and the rest of the students that they will now have a doctor on site full-time! Congratulations on your transition.

  6. Donna Parrish says:

    Congratulations Dr. Stewart, we’re so glad our kids will be under your “one hat”.

  7. Donna Allen says:

    You are a blessing to our family and especially our son… Thank you and all the Dr. Stewarts before you. You and the entire staff are always in our prayers.

  8. Maria Rutherford says:

    Dr John: I am so happy you will be at Stewart full time. You are a blessing to all and the kindest Doctor. I know I have thanked you so many times for your love and care of the students but also my own personal family as well as myself. Great news!!!!!!

  9. Gene Nochta says:

    Bless you and all your precious students. Your father is smiling in heaven.

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