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Down Syndrome Love

Down Syndrome Day

I am excited about the celebration of Down syndrome. I am excited for a lot of reasons. It’s very touching.

It makes me feel so happy and excited to see other’s faces when they come in and do the buddy walk. It makes me feel so great inside that I am involved with Down syndrome… not because I have Down syndrome, but because I get to do something for others. I like doing things for other people and when they smile and hug me and thank me for all I do, it makes me feel really special.

I used to be labeled Down syndrome and I hate it. But now I am here (at Stewart Home & School), and now everyone respects me and talks to me. It doesn’t matter who I am, I am their friend. After I was told I got labeled Down syndrome, I took it seriously and that nobody should be labeled at all. I took it seriously and I took it to DC. That is how I got involved with Down syndrome caucus. And now it is growing! To be a part of the Down syndrome caucus, something happened and I don’t know what it is. It just made me feel great. That’s when it started. After I was told I was labeled.


It makes me feel happy and great that there is ONE day to celebrate! Not because we are disabled, it’s just a day to realize what we do for others who have special needs. We never have a day of celebrating Down syndrome or any kind of disability. I feel good about it and happy to have a day to celebrate Down syndrome.

Written by Sarah, Stewart Home & School student

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Stewart Home & School is a residential school for people of all ages with special needs. The mission of Stewart Home & School is the complete and total care of its students and the fulfillment of all their needs – physical, educational, social, vocational and spiritual. The faculty of the school program has experience with the learning styles of people with Autism, Down’s syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and Williams syndrome, as well as other intellectual disability diagnoses.  It is the objective of the school program to create successful learning experiences for all students and to consistently reinforce the students’ enthusiastic motivation for participation and further growth.  There are high expectations for each individual and it is a joy to see successes celebrated each day!

2 comments on Down Syndrome Love

  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Good job Sarah! Keep your message going!

  2. Chris Camarillo says:

    Hi Sarah-
    What a wonderful article! My daughter is 5 and I only hope and dream of the day she can so eloquently express what you did. You are incredible and have much to teach the world about the harm of labels. Thank you for the gift today. May God return it back to you tenfold! You are so brave and courageous!

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