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Sharon’s Movie Review – A Dog’s Purpose

“A Dog’s Purpose”

A meaning for “A Dog’s Purpose” is to be here – now and to have fun in life today. “A Dog’s Purpose” is one the the best original movies that has come out in theaters in years. I got to go see it along with the Stewart Home & School student body. It’s a dog lover’s movie and a tear-jerker also. I give this movie thumbs up and 5 stars.
It is about a dog that has many lives – the dog’s name is Bailey and the boy who owned him is Ethan. Ethan’s nickname for Bailey is “boss dog”. Ethan and Bailey have been together and spend practically every minute together. Ethan and Bailey love to play with a football that finally goes flat. Ethan gets a football scholarship at the university, plus Ethan also finds a girlfriend, Hannah. Then Ethan hurts his leg, which means the football scholarship is out of the question. So Ethan, his mother and Bailey go live on a farm. Ethan breaks up with his girlfriend and is heartbroken, so Ethan goes off to a far away college. Bailey finds a new friend, a baby donkey named Horsedog. Bailey grows old and dies and comes back to several more lives as a different breed of dog with different names. He finds his way back to the farm where Ethan is all grown up. Bailey gets Ethan and Hannah back together and they get married. Bailey jogs Ethan’s mind and makes him realize he is Bailey and they live happily ever after!

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  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you Sharon for the review. I have wanted to go see this movie. I will bring some tissues!
    Marianne Donohue (Dawn’s sister)

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