Dear Santa 2012 - Stewart Home & School

Dear Santa 2012

Dear Santa:

I am sorry Jennifer can’t be here. I know you want her here as much as you, and so do we, but we know she is working in California. Please leave something in her hospital for her staff to open and please leave something for my boys at Stewart Home School at North because they have a hard time.
I had a good year. And I know you have been watching over me. I’ve been working at the shelter hard at the Life House. Please leave something at Reba’s cage like a bone for her to chew on. That would be appreciated. She has done something for me since I’ve been there. And the staff there is grateful. I don’t have to go into details but I have been doing really good at my job. I’ve been training her like you have been watching over me.
And, if you would, in a special request for me, if you could bring Rodolpf for a little visit every once in a while, I would like that.

At Stewart Home School at North Building.