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Dancing – Girl Style


 Girl Style Talent

Madison, Tiff, Tina and Liz are born dancers! They got rhythm and soul. As does most of my group. They can pickup any dance I throw at them almost immediately, but as you can see their own choreography rivals Anything I could come up with!

Here is a video of many of our talents students.

Stewart Home & School is a residential school for people of all ages with special needs. The mission of Stewart Home & School is the complete and total care of its students and the fulfillment of all their needs – physical, educational, social, vocational and spiritual. The faculty of the school program has experience with the learning styles of people with Autism, Down’s syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and Williams syndrome, as well as other intellectual disability diagnoses.  It is the objective of the school program to create successful learning experiences for all students and to consistently reinforce the students’ enthusiastic motivation for participation and further growth.  There are high expectations for each individual and it is a joy to see successes celebrated each day!

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  1. Susan says:

    My friends Alla and Jeannine and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Stewart Home last Saturday! Thank you for your hospitality and warmth. We especially enjoyed encountering some of the students, who were polite, friendly and welcoming. What a beautiful, happy place!

    Alla was especially impressed by the Stewart Home and School, and will be sharing her experience with her fellow Bible Orphan Ministry members, as well as with the directors of the orphanages and institutions for people with intellectual impairment served by BOM in Ukraine. Thank you so much for your openness and willingness to share.

    Alla’s testimony and dedication change lives for the better, and sharing her experience at the Stewart Home ultimately may help enrich the lives of those she serves in her home country.

    Best wishes,

    1. Tricia Brill says:

      We are so glad you had a wonderful visit. Thank you for coming and you are welcome any time.

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