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Dancing on Fridays

Never Done Dancing

The last of the “Hooray For Friday” celebrations mark the end of summer here at Stewart Home & School. We love summer around here. We love swimming, we love traveling, we love being outdoors, and we love dancing! Hooray for Friday is an opportunity for us to let loose and dance the week off. Michael Ghant always knows what music to play to get us going as we walk into the pavilion and find our places on the dance floor. It’s funny. We can usually find the students in almost the same spot every week, claiming their area to dance the afternoon away!

Dancing is a language that we can all understand. We don’t have to speak the same language in order to know what we are trying to say through movement. We don’t even have to know how to talk in order to express ourselves through dance. Our students love the opportunity to dance and express themselves through their movements.”Watching the kids dance, especially our quieter students like Nadia and Frank,” is Linda Word’s favorite part of Hooray For Friday.Our quiet students don’t seem so quiet as they find their spot on the dance floor and close their eyes and jam.

Nadia is a fabulous dancer that surprised us all with her quiet nature. She is a lovely dancer who looks forward to the opportunity to show us her skills. Megan loves watching Nadia dance as well. “She always gets into it!” she said. And she does!

Our students have their favorite songs of course.  “I enjoying seeing all the students’ smiles as they wind down from their busy week of classes and trips.  I also enjoy watching them dance and seeing how excited they get when certain songs are played,” said Sarah White. We have quite a few Michael Jackson fans, CCR fans, and we love the YMCA! What are your favorite songs? Our students light up when they hear their favorite songs and they know all the dance moves that go with the songs. We could all learn a few steps from them.

Many of our teachers love watching our students unwind from a busy week of classes and trips. We all enjoy the music and the opportunity to see our friends who we haven’t seen due to our busy schedules. As Hooray for Fridays come to a close, it marks the beginning of an exciting fall schedule. We all get back in the groove of learning in the classroom and new activities and new class schedules. But trust me, dancing will be in that schedule somewhere!

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