Creative Dining Services' First Cookout - Stewart Home & School

Creative Dining Services’ First Cookout


In the short time that Creative Dining Services has been serving the students of Stewart Home & School we have encountered many new and exciting opportunities, as well as some challenges.

Recently, we had the pleasure of providing for a cookout for the entire student body for Independence Day.  Most people who are familiar with our community know that the 4th of July is not just about celebrating our country and its independence but it is also a day to celebrate their beloved Dr. Stewart.

The 4th of July is always festive and fun for everyone and this year was no different.  The only difference was that it was Creative Dining Services’ first time experiencing a school-wide cookout.  While we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and extremely enjoyed watching all the students, there were challenges that we faced in planning such a large event.  There is a lot of behind the scenes planning that goes into preparing a meal for 350 people and then transporting that food to a separate location.

Timing is always of highest importance in pulling off a successful event.  The staff of Stewart Home & School and the kitchen staff worked very hard to get every student fed in a timely manner and as smoothly as possible.  The kitchen staff spent the entire morning putting together containers with all of the side dishes, while the burgers were grilled on a large charcoal grill under the pavilion.

We were excited to plan a menu that would give the students a traditional 4th of July cookout!  The kitchen staff also wanted to do something extra special as our way of honoring Dr. Stewart.  Since Dr. Stewart was so conscious of preserving the environment and minimizing the school’s carbon footprint, we decided to provide divided containers and plastic cutlery that are completely biodegradable.

As new comers to the school, it was amazing to see the joy on the students’ faces during the meal and the outpouring of love for the students by the Stewart Home & School Staff and the entire Stewart family.   It was such a delight to see all of Dr. Stewart’s children and grandchildren present and interacting with the students with absolutely no hesitation.  They even jumped in to help the kitchen get the food to all of the students.  With all the amazing people and seeing the excitement on each and every student’s face, all of the challenges became inconsequential.

Amber Shepherd
Food Service Director
Creative Dining Services
Stewart Home School

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