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Counts Your Blessings – Sarah’s View

How Do You Count Your Blessings?

Count your blessings means if you have a hard time sleeping, or if you have a hard time, count your blessings.
Thank God for your day, your family, or someone who is sick.
Be thankful for what you get.
I say count your blessings when you eat because some people don’t get enough food and I have heard from others that some are starving and sick and we should be thankful and giving others a blessing that they will have food, drink, or somewhere to sleep.
Some are poor. Some will be down and not have anywhere to stay.
I have seen people in the world and it is sad to see them alone in the cold or hot and not eating or drinking anything.
Blessing is a strong word. Blessing is like a word that can help people do better.
Counting your blessings can help people do better by helping someone getting a job, or being there and supporting them on the way through their path. I used to work for the soup kitchen. It was sad that knowing in the world, that anywhere in the world, someone doesn’t have food or a place to stay. Being with their loved ones.
It’s definitely hard when someone doesn’t have loved ones. It’s not only in the U.S., I see little kids and it makes me want to cry and it makes me sad to see little kids in foreign countries that people can get sick.
It is sad to see anyone suffer, especially little babies.
You can count your blessings by praying for all you have and to think of ones that need help. And do what you can to help those other people… like the soup kitchen.
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  1. Diane goetter says:

    Sarah, as usual, you have hit the nail right on the head. You seem to be a very caring person to me. Counting your blessings can involve every aspect of one’s life and you hit just about all. All of you are so blessed to be able to attend Stewart Home & School, keep up your words of wisdom.

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