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“Circuits Training” in Science?

(Electrical) Circuits Training in Science

The other day, a lightbulb went off  (no pun intended): let’s make circuits in Science class! There are three types of simple electrical circuits : a closed electrical circuit, a parallel electrical circuit, and a series electrical circuit. A closed electrical circuit is an electric circuit providing an uninterrupted, endless path for the flow of current. A parallel electrical circuit is an electric circuit in which the elements, branches (having elements in series), or components are connected between two points, with one of the two ends of each component connected to each point. A series circuit is a circuit in which the components are connected end to end so that current has only one path to follow through the circuit. We decided to make a closed circuit using two wires, D batteries, and a light bulb in Science class this morning! It was so neat to see the students’ faces light up as the bulbs did! We also hooked the end of four wires and two bulbs together to the end of the batteries, allowing both bulbs to light up! It was fun to see the students use their fingers (fine motor skills) to hook up the wires to then ends of the light bulb and then place the wires at the end of the D batteries.  It was fun to see everyone light up over an assignment. (o:


Check out our circuits video! IMG_3760

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