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Christmas Giving

Christmas Giving “Is Awesome” !


On Monday we took a group of students to Walmart to shop for two children on the Angel Tree in spirit of Christmas giving. We had so much fun! Zach was in charge of pushing the cart while Alan and Kaci were on the lookout for items on our lists. Our little girl was into princesses and Barbie while our little boy loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sponge Bob. We were all on the hunt!

It really IS better to give than to receive, and having the opportunity to be “Secret Santa” for two young children at Christmastime was such a wonderful experience. “Shopping for the ones that don’t have much is awesome,” said Kaci. “They will probably be really excited and really happy that they get gifts.” Every child deserves a Christmas, and knowing we were able to help out in a small way was glorious. I love doing something kind for someone anonymously. A random act of kindness for someone or being a mensch can restore a person’s faith in humanity. What we might think is a small gesture can mean the world to someone else.
If you’re able, go out into the world and bring someone joy today. You’ll be so glad you did! “It feels good,” said Alan!

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