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Christian Poems Brings Glory to God

*Chuck is a self-describe Christian poet and student at Stewart Home & School who writes his Christian poems to bring glory to God!

The Lamb of God

Have you ever experienced love that is pure and true,

What is provided from Jesus’ grace for me and you?

How rich, merciful, sound and bar His love is,

Where the angels rejoice in the blue skies high in the air.

In heave He sits in a triumphant throne,

Where the stars are shinning bright and His glory is shown.

His voice is mightier than a lion’s roar,

And stronger than the waves crashing on the ocean’s shore.

His grace so merciful and pure,

In His touch we can endure.

One day we all will rejoice and praise His name,

He is all He promised to be and will always be the same.

As I look at my life in all my despair,

Jesus has set me free and gives me life because He cares.

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2 comments on Christian Poems Brings Glory to God

  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Chuck, you are a laugh a minute! It is amazing that you wrote the poems as well. Enjoy your talent and don’t forget to share with others. They get laughter and, maybe, learn something in the process. Keep up the good job!

  2. Zaniah Zirmah says:

    Beautiful poems that make us feel closer to Jesus. Keep writing them. God bless you.

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