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Play Cancellation

The Thursday night play has been postponed until Friday at 2 pm. Students are to be in their play part classrooms at 1 pm. Registration will be from 8 until 930 am in the gym. Please call with any questions!

Student Sentiment

Everyday I walk this endless campus at Stewart Home. Full of love and laughter. Where Everyone knows my name and they are so glad to see me. I always want to be here where everyone knows my name also that I care for everyone. I want to be the best team player here. Everyone here […]

Sharon’ Movie Review

Disney’s “Zootpia” is one of this year’s most popular computer animated movies that has come out since the first of this year. I got to go see it. It was better than I thought it would be. THe story us about in the animal city of Zootopia a fast talking  fox  who’s trying to make […]

Richie’s Review

If you like Mexican food and don’t have much time Taco Bell is your place. Peggy, Lori, and I went for lunch yesterday. Peggy had the big box with a lemonade. The big box had a taco, and it had a nacho taco and a crunch wrap slider inside. Lori got a cheese roll up. […]

Family Weekend – May 12-14

We are excited to share information to help your Family Weekend go smoothly. Below are Frankfort’s Surrounding Area Hotels. More information to come! Family Weekend 2016 May 12-14, 2016 Best Western 502-695-6111 or 1-800-528-1234 80 Chenault Drive Frankfort, KY 40601 Bluegrass Inn 502-695-1800 635 Versailles Road Frankfort, KY 40601 Capital Plaza Hotel 502-227-5100 405 Wilkinson Blvd Frankfort, KY 40601 […]

Reading Through His First Book – Tuesday Talent

Need we say more?

Talent Tuesday

Middy is our featured talent on this Talent Tuesday. Middy brings so much joy to us everyday and really loves doing projects with his friend Jennifer. He is a great artist and is always expanding his artistic pallet by trying new things. Pictured here, Middy is doing a new, abstract sculpture exercise. What a great […]

Tuesday Talent

Today’s Tuesday Talent features a very hard worker. Aaron works very hard for the medical office throughout the week, but also works hard in the classroom at his art therapy projects. Aaron has done so well at his art therapy projects, he has even won awards in the Special Olympics’ art show! Congratulations to Aaron […]

Employee Awards

15-Year Award Stephen Claypool               Dorothy “Dot” Hankins           Susan Jones           20-Year Award Donald Tennill           25-Year Award Pam Andrews           Peggy Gould           35-Year Award  Manson Junior […]

45 Years for Sandra Bell

written by Barry Banker In 1970…. Richard Nixon was President and Vietnam War was still raging. Love story and Patton were the top two movies. K.C. Chiefs won the Super Bowl and the Chevy Impala was the top selling car. And, in our eyes most importantly, Sandy Bell came to work for Stewart Home & […]

A Playful Talent

Talent Tuesday – Learning to play an instrument Miss Betsy is a lady of many talents! She loves to be a help to everyone, she is a fabulous classroom assistant, she loves to read, and do classwork. Betsy’s newest talent is music. Betsy started to read music and play about two years ago. She was eager and diligent […]

Halloween Parade Live Streamed

What are YOU going to be for Halloween? What is your favorite cartoon character? We got you covered! This is our favorite time of the year. Nearly every one of our students participates in the annual Halloween Parade that we hold before trick-or-treating on campus. Each student is recognized for their amazing costumes and are […]