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Talent Tuesday – Helping Others

Miss Judy helps Pam Andrews in the Fitness Center five days a week. She takes out the garbage, cleans the treadmills, checks the restroom and soap dispensers, folding towels, and anything else Mrs. Pam needs. Judy is also a helper to her friend Barbie. Judy helps get Barbie from their building to class in the […]

Sing-A-Long Dawn – Talent Tuesday

Dawn loves to play Sing-A-Long Dawn asks :”What’s that song? I know!” And she does! Dawn loves for you to sing to her, along with her and for you to play or sing her favorites and she knows it all! Christmas music is Dawn’s favorite but she also loves Bible songs, Children’s standards and knows all of the Broadway […]

Poetry – Talent Tuesday

My Love by Christine With my love, I will never leave you behind. But with this love have left me blind. If I win your love, I can be your queen. I can show you love like you never ever seen. My love over you is stronger than what we think. Just don’t leave me […]

Tuesday Talent: Continuous Joy

It is hard to explain the feeling you experience when the students first enter your classroom each day. The smiles, hugs and welcomes are one of the best parts of the day and it never grows old. Especially with students like Geoffrey. Each morning, I can hear him coming down the hall. Just before he enters the door he […]

Talented Pilot

Jeff is another student who has been blessed with many talents: he has a way with animals, and this makes him a great volunteer at the LIFE House for Animals. Jeff also loves gadgets, especially those that can save time and labor! If you have a job that needs better results, Jeff can probably find just the right equipment […]

Zach “Wiggles”

Zach Loves To Wiggle!   Zach came to the Stewart Home School when he was just 7 years old! He is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  His laughter is contagious!  His favorite musical group is “The Wiggles” and he know EVERY song of theirs by heart and so does anyone else […]

Alison Can Sing! Talent Tuesday

Alison is another of our multi-talented individuals! Not only that, she is beautiful, both inside and out. Alison never forgets her manners and is without doubt the most polite person on campus. She will gladly do anything for anyone, at any time! Alison plays most Special Olympics sports. She is so focused when she plays […]

Elvis is Here

Hershel Loves Elvis Hershel definitely gets his dancing style from Elvis…. He is also “The King” 🙂 He likes to be in the center of the dance floor and loves to dance with the ladies. He was has been Elvis for Halloween and had the opportunity to dress up as Elvis and dance in the […]

Tina Rocks – Talent Tuesday

Tina Rocks Out to Frozen Tina is from Memphis, TN and is the daughter of Alan and Geri.  She has a sister named Jessica!  Tina lives on Walnut Hill self-care and has just had her 10 year anniversary of being at SHS! Tina is in Rachael Stewart’s correspondent group and is in class 6.  She […]

Tweeting Talent Tuesday

Tweeting Talent Tuesday At Stewart Home & School our animals are very much a part of our daily life. We have birds, rabbits, hampsters, guinea pigs, dogs, horses, and more! Some of our animals sing so beautifully and our students really enjoy listening through class.   Stewart Home & School is one-of-a-kind community.  Most special […]

Dancing – Girl Style

   Girl Style Talent Madison, Tiff, Tina and Liz are born dancers! They got rhythm and soul. As does most of my group. They can pickup any dance I throw at them almost immediately, but as you can see their own choreography rivals Anything I could come up with! Here is a video of many […]

Victor Pushes Through

Talent Found in Pushups Victor comes from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a high-scoring member of the Raptors basketball team, who also enjoys swimming, bowling, movies, and computers. Victor is an animal lover, and rides regularly. He is an active member of the outdoor adventure club, who also enjoys sitting quietly, reading and learning about wildlife. […]