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Weird Warm Water Facts

Weird Warm Water Facts Did you know that the warm water faucet is on the left side of the sink because the right side was taken by cold before warm water was available since most people were right handed? Weird, huh? Did you know that hot water freezes faster than cold water? Weird, huh? Did […]

“Warrior Fitness” beats Obesity

We Beat Obesity  Stewart Home & School students’ BMI’s are amazing! BMI’s (Body Mass Index) of 30 and above are considered “obese”. In 2010, statistics showed that 35% of Americans’ BMI’s were over 30. Our students are weighed each month and their BMI’s are calculated.  Meal intake and  exercise patterns are reviewed with administrative, residential, school program, […]

Richie is Fearless.. and Talented

“Richie is Fearless!” This post is part of the Talent Tuesday Series. Without a doubt, our Richie is one of the most talented young men on campus. It is difficult to select just one area of talent, so we will try and feature a little bit of everything! Richie is 30 (almost 31!!) years old […]

Christian Poems Brings Glory to God

*Chuck is a self-describe Christian poet and student at Stewart Home & School who writes his Christian poems to bring glory to God! The Lamb of God Have you ever experienced love that is pure and true, What is provided from Jesus’ grace for me and you? How rich, merciful, sound and bar His love […]

Gloria’s Gift – Talent Tuesday

Gifted Gloria Miss Gloria, daughter of Mrs. Sylvia and late Dr. Howard, was born February 11, 1955. Gloria has a younger brother affectionately called “Bernie”.  Gloria has attended Stewart Home & School since April 2007.  Gloria is diagnosed with Williams syndrome. Gloria participates in all activities to celebrate her Jewish Faith.  She is often called […]

Reading, Reasoning Activity

Reasoning Activity Fun in Reading In reading, we read You Be the Jury Courtroom III by Marvin Miller. The book contained cases with worksheets that helped our students work on their reasoning skills, or critical thinking.  Critical thinking enables our students to reason better. It helps them base conclusions on facts rather than emotions. From […]

Articulation In Speech Therapy

Speech Articulation Liz practices her play part song in speech therapy to help her articulate the words in the song more clearly. The song is slow enough to allow for correct articulation. She is watching the screen with the words, and listening to the music at the same time while making sure she pronounces each […]

Laughing Out Loud

“Laughing Loudly Everyday!” This post is part of the Sarah’s View Series. Makes me want to smile! Without laughing, laughing is happy. If you’re sad, laugh! If someone says something funny, laugh out loud! You laugh! The dorm girls makes me laugh because they bicker and it makes me want to laugh because I hope […]

Caroling Carolyn

Carolyn loves to carol! Carolyn loves to sing and will follow what you do as far as any hand movements or simple dance steps. Carolyn knows most songs and will get up from her chair and dance and sing along to the music.        

Doug Does Puzzle, And Sings

Puzzle talents Doug works on his fine motor skills as he uses his finger tips to feel the puzzle pieces to find where they belong. In Early Learning Class, students learn to complete puzzles as an activity to recognize shapes and colors. Doug uses his hands to find his way, as well as to do […]

Speech Therapy, Team Effort

Speech Therapy is a Team Effort As the Speech/Language Pathologist here at Stewart Home & School I see students, in group only, individual only, and individual and group only sessions, with a variety of disorders to include, language disorders, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Down’s Syndrome, non-verbal students, articulations delays, and disorders, to name a few, for […]

Paper Mache

Paper Mache (or Papier-mâché if you’re French) Paper mache (or Papier-mâché)  has been around for much longer than you might think. The concept of paper mache was used in ancient Egypt when the Egyptians would make death masks from linen, layers of papyrus, and plaster. Also countries like Persia, China and Japan would use paper mache […]