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Music And A Bell Choir

“Join a choir and a handbell choir.” This is a part of the Sarah’s View Series. I have been around music since I was young and I appreciate music. I love it. Any kind of music. I love music because it makes me feel relaxed and it calms me down. And singing I am smiling […]

Folds of Talent

Folds of Talent Bill is a man of many talents! Most of these are seen in the sports world, as Bill loves to compete: basketball, bowling, soccer, softball, golf; you name it, and Bill is a star at it! But all his sporting superlatives pale in comparison to his one unparalleled talent! Bill works in […]

Victor Pushes Through

Talent Found in Pushups Victor comes from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a high-scoring member of the Raptors basketball team, who also enjoys swimming, bowling, movies, and computers. Victor is an animal lover, and rides regularly. He is an active member of the outdoor adventure club, who also enjoys sitting quietly, reading and learning about wildlife. […]

Sensory Play and Lesson

Fun Friday Sensory Play In grooming class, we decided to do a sensory activity using shaving cream that would help aid in learning grooming skills as well.  Some students love it and some students are not sure of it. After play is where the grooming lesson comes in. The students have to wash all the […]

Oral Motor Development

What exactly is “oral motor development” and why is it important? written by Art Therapy Instructor Jennifer Anderson Usually the term “oral motor development” refers to the use and function of the lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, soft palate and hard palate. Each part has to work together properly to perform tasks successfully (think eating, drinking). […]

Enjoy the Moment

“Watch a sunset, Enjoy the Moment” This post is part of the Sarah’s View series.  Enjoy the sun setting at night and enjoy the beauty of the sky and nature. Enjoy the moment! It is so important to enjoy the moment so you can see how beautiful things are. Enjoy the company. When I color […]

Sensory Integration Activities: An Academic Spotlight

Sensory Integration Activities Pre- Academic Computer Lab is created to enhance and provide our students who are Pre-K through 1st Grade level access to technology to explore their interests, as well as enhance sensory integration in the classroom.  This month we are working with Touch Screen Kidz devices to introduce our students to sensory integration […]

Down Syndrome Love

Down Syndrome Day I am excited about the celebration of Down syndrome. I am excited for a lot of reasons. It’s very touching. It makes me feel so happy and excited to see other’s faces when they come in and do the buddy walk. It makes me feel so great inside that I am involved with […]

Eye Contact – Gary’s Talent

Eye Contact is a Great Talent I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend time with Gary each week. When we get to see each other I try to make sure the things we do are beneficial as well as fun for him. These days we are working on Gary’s posture, improving his […]

Current Events Class; Surprises

Many Surprises in Current Events Class written by Barry Banker, Current Events teacher, as an Academic Spotlight Current events class was very lively class today—partially because the weather was sunny and 63 degrees which made everyone feel good. I asked everyone what was their favorite Spring “thing”.    Flowers, green trees, and warmth were at the […]

Be Polite, Please and Thank you

Be Polite! This post is part of the Sarah’s View Series. Saying please and thank you, I think it is very polite. Wherever you go, it could be restaurant, going home with your family, being polite always shows. To thank them for helping them. It is important to be nice to people or anybody. Politeness […]

Drew’s Drawing

Drawing Drew Drew is a very talented young man that loves to run, play soccer, do puzzles and draw! He is very specific about his drawings and will draw mice, the Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird, Grimace (McDonalds characters) and a man with in a man. All his teachers LOVE it when he draws on […]