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Campus Improvements

Campus Improvements Spark Team Work

The campus is about to undergo quite a few, exciting infrastructure improvements.  The most visible will be  a new gym floor  !!  After 30 plus years, it is time!    While that is being installed, just below,  5,000 square feet of the Pre-Academic area is being renovated complete with new bathrooms  and a bathroom/shower in Melinda’s room!!!  The hallway will be much wider and Carla’s Cuts ‘n Curls will have a new location  “down the hall”.  Construction commences Monday, November 9th !

 In a few weeks, fiber optics will be installed to the remaining residential units, the kitchen, and Redmon Hall !!  This will greatly enhance the wireless to each of these areas as they will be “hard-wired”  and will allow for upgrades to other systems.

 I’m sure you have already noticed the Lift on East Building which will allow food and laundry to be safely transported  to East Up.

 Additionally,  there has been much activity at Redmon Hall, the centerpiece of which is  a wonderful, new gazebo that will have a beautiful view.   Concrete work has been finished and now paver bricks will create the “path” from the back door of Redmon to the seating area !!

 Additional concrete repairs are scheduled for the sidewalks in front of the girls’ residential units.  While it will be disruptive for a  week or two, the repairs will be a welcome addition.

 Stay tuned for another exciting announcement for the whole campus to be made in December !!!   I thank everyone while these improvements are going on for their patience and cooperation in  moving to other areas !!!  It will all be worth the disruption !!

We also want to thank all the students for being so patient in this transition. Students are kind in helping each other find their way to the new locations of classes and to correspondence. We want to thank a small group of students who helped move multiple classrooms and it would not have been possible without their awesome help.

We want to thank Vincent, Bradley, Ben, Charlton, Katie, Matt, Alisa, and Camray! What a great example of team work and kindness!

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  1. Eleanor Gause says:

    How exciting!!! Can’t wait to see the finished project. Everyone must be so happy to have this new space.
    Amy….you must be all smiles! 🙂

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