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Family Weekend 2019 – Introducing the Book Fair eWallet!

We’re excited to announce that the Family Weekend Book Fair will introduce a new digital payment option called the eWallet. The eWallet is a secure, cash-free, digital payment option that families can set up online before the fair. Check out the flyers below and click the link to set up your account today! For […]

Did You Know? – with Madison

Easter Traditions As we all know, Easter is coming up soon. It’s my favorite Easter activity to look for eggs and I wanted to know how the Easter tradition came to be. The Easter Bunny was brought up by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and dates back to the 13thcentury. Children made nests for […]

Did You Know? – with Madison

Madison is back with another installment of “Did You Know?” This report is on Tornadoes. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed researching it. Thanks, Madison, for your hard work! As we all know, tornado season is upon us, so I decided to type info that you may not now about […]

Ms. Ashley’s Classes Featured in Education Associates

Take a moment and read this outstanding article by Education Associates! It features our Vocational Director, Ashley Goodpaster, and how she incorporates the Project Discovery Adapted Curriculum in her classes. Great job, Ashley! Article linked below

Sharon’s Movie Review – How to Train Your Dragon 3

The third and final chapter of How to Train Your Dragon 3 – the Hidden World, is a very spectacular movie you’d ever seen in your life. This 3rd movie is the best of all three movies. I give is five stars and two thumbs up. This is a family, must see movie that everyone […]

Did You Know? – With Madison

Madison is back with another installment of “Did You Know?” This report is on Human Evolution. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed researching it. Thanks, Madison, for your hard work! – Peggy Gould Human Evolution Humans today are scientifically known as homo sapiens, of the homo species, we are the […]

Chorus Spotlight – Steve

Steve covered Andy William’s “Dear Heart” recently and it did not disappoint. Click on the link to watch!

Elizabeth’s Capitol Success

Nestled five miles north from Stewart Home & School is the KentuckyState Capitol. The Capitol hosts an abundance of offices that include theGovernor’s Office, the Chambers of the House of Representatives and theSenate, as well as Legislative Offices. More recently, they’ve added astaffer to the Capitol – Elizabeth, one of Stewart Home & School’s neweststudents. […]

Family Weekend Dates Announced!

Stewart Home & School will be hosting Family Weekend May 17th and 18th! This years theme is Together – Live, Learn, Love. A complete schedule of activities will be posted soon, so please check back for updates!

Amazing Basketball Trick Shots – Stewart Home & School Edition

With inspiration from @Dude Perfect, Stewart Home & School students took turns showing off their AMAZING basketball trick shots. The staff even got in on it! Watch the video below and share with your friends!

Did You Know? – With Madison

We have enjoyed welcoming Madison into computer class! As soon as she arrived, Madison wanted to get down to business, and combine learning with improving her computer skills. So, I suggested she look up a subject that interested her. Madison selected Mount Everest. She spent several days reading and researching, and the result is this […]

Richie’s Restaurant Review – Ricardo’s Grill and Pub

On January 7th my parents took me back to school and we went out to dinner with my correspondent Peggy and her husband Ralph. We went to Ricardo’s Grill and Pub for dinner in Versailles Kentucky. Ralph had Chicken Tenders which is usually what I get. I got Penne Pasta with Alfredo sauce. Peggy had […]