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Beneficial Activities In Play

Beneficial Activities

Fridays are “Free Days” in grooming class. Free days are for the students who participated in class all week long and who stayed engaged throughout the lessons. Although this is a “free” day, students still choose from beneficial activities such as brushing an animals’ teeth, matching games, shape sorting, puzzles, and Mr. Potato Head. What is so beneficial about these activities you might ask?

Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth is one activity that is taught and reenforced in grooming class at Stewart Home & School. Our students with special needs continue learning good brushing techniques and habits so they can continue their own personal grooming habits on their buildings. Students like to pretend to brush a stuffed animal’s teeth, as it is beneficial in keeping up with their own skills.

Matching Games

Matching games are fun for our students. They are learning and they don’t even know it! Sorting and matching games help improve visual and motor skills as they decide which piece will fit where. What a sense of accomplishment when that last one drops in the bucket!

Shape Sorting

Shape sorting is a popular activity in my room. This activity helps with visual associations as the students place the pieces with their matches. We also do color matching!


Puzzles help students sharpen those fine motor skills while using their fingers and hands to place the pieces where they belong. Puzzles don’t just make a pretty picture!

Mr. Potato Head

Creative expression is important to everyone. Our students use activities such as Mr. Potato Head to be creative and create a beautiful face with a big ole’ smile. Who won’t smile at that piece of art?

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