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A Beautiful Donation of Love

Locks of Love Donation

Hi. My name is Alisa. I’ve recently had donated my long hair I have been growing for a whole year to get the perfect size of a donation. Me and my mom talked in what I wanted to do with my hair and we both agreed on donating it to the cancer victims that has lost their hair while fighting for their life. So while I was home for my Christmas holiday, I went to my hair styler at home in Texas and I was ready to get a haircut. Once I gotten it cut off I felt very light headed cause of all the weight that was taken off from my hair. I was amazed how much hair was taken off but I was glad for that. So I hoped I have given faith to a precious cancer victim. I want to say from my heart to those who are suffering through cancer, keep on fighting through it! Stay strong mentally and physically. Don’t ever give up, there will still be hope for you all!




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