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Austin & Kristen Crowned Mr. & Miss SHS!!

Kristin and Austin, Miss & Mr. SHS, 2011

With the theme “Gotta Dance”, 40 Stewart Home School students took to the stage for our annual Mr. & Miss SHS pageant!

It was one of the best pageants ever, and judging was difficult, but at the end of the evening, Austin and Kristen were awarded the coveted crown/tiara and scepter!

Here is a list of all the award winners! Great job, everyone!!

Andy – Mr. Boogie Shoes

Gianna – Miss Beautiful

Christina – Miss Spectacular

Billy – Mr. Enthusiastic

Julie – Miss Enthusiastic

Kevin – Mr. Helpful

Tina – Miss Spotlight

Lindsay – Miss Helpful

Jessica – Miss Positive

Kathy – Miss Friendly

Cathee – Miss Gotta Dance

Liz – Miss Jazz

Connie – Miss Solid Gold

Leah – Miss Flashdance

Ali – Miss Perfect

Tom – Mr. Maestro

Jane – Miss Showstopper

Alison – Miss Songstress

Vickie – Miss Rhythm

Katherine – Miss Rising Star

Hershel – Mr. Footloose

Rob – Mr. SweetPea

Mary Ann – Miss Fabulous

Ellen – Miss Ginger Rogers

Amanda – Miss Macarena

Luke – Mr. Smiles

Anthony – Mr. Showstopper

Margaret – Miss SweetPea

Noelle – Miss Wonderful

Bonnie – Miss Twist

Chuck – Mr. Spotlight

Will – Mr. 110%

Heather – Miss Congeniality

James – Mr. Talent

Dorothy – Miss Talent

Michael – Mr. Royalty

Barbara – Miss Royalty

Jamey – SHS Princess

Austin – Mr. SHS

Kristen – Miss SHS

Congratulations to EVERYONE!!!!!