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Art Therapy Camp; Messy, yet informative

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning…
…to get really sticky in art therapy camp! We began our camp adventure with paper mâché. I wasn’t sure how paper mâché would work with our group, but they got the hang of it right away. We are using paper mâché for our new sculpture, which is super exciting and as you can see by the pictures, we’re making progress!

We learned quite a bit today about the history of paper mâché (papier-mâché). Paper mâché actually means “chewed paper” and was invented in China. It was developed because paper was expensive and the Chinese wanted to find a way to recycle paper they no longer needed…so paper mâché was created.

Here’s the best part: (the students and I found this fascinating) In the late 18th century, Europe began using paper mâché to make furniture (book cases, chairs, tables, etc) and even buildings!!!!! Isn’t that crazy?!?!?

Day two should be very productive as well…we should be finishing the paper mâché on one sculpture and moving on to one more. We’ll keep you posted!

The “skeleton”:

art therapy, lifelong learning

Our mixture of flour and water:

art therapy, lifelong learning

Hard to get a picture in focus because of the movement of the mixer!!!

art therapy, lifelong learning

And so it begins!!

ar therapy, lifelong learning

Cutting the strips of paper

art therapy, lifelong learning

It’s taking shape!

art therapy, lifelong learning

The end of Day 1

art therapy, lifelong learning

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