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Angela’s Agenda (As Our New Mayor)

Angela has worked so hard to become Mayor of Stewart Home & School. When asked to write something about herself and what she thought about her new role, she wrote about what she wanted to do for others. This is just one of the many traits that makes us proud of Angela and are thrilled to see all she has to offer to her student body as our new mayor. We are proud of her and her new accomplishments. We are going to be sharing a lot of Angela’s journey through “Angela’s Agenda”. We hope that you support her and leave messages for her and our students on the blog. Thank you!

Angela’s Agenda

I have  been on the student government for many years  and have finally reached one of my goals!

I am proud to be the mayor of S. H S, and appreciate everyone’s support.

Same of the things I  would  like to happen while I am mayor are:

1 care packages for military overseas or letters written by the students.

2  an. Indoor/ heated pool

3 weekly walks

4 a monthly  S  H. S  newspaper to let everyone know about up-coming events, Special Olympic news and to showcase Student of the Month and introduce new students

Thanks again to  everyone for helping me achieve my dream

Of  becoming  mayor.


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