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Angela & Special Olympics Kentucky

Special Olympics is Special

written by Angela, Stewart Home & School Mayor

Showing different schools how talented Stewart Home & School teams are and how hard we work to achieve news goals in life is great. Since I sprained my ankle, I am now the manager for the Raptors and I had to help them out. I tell players to go out and play hard, think about being a good sport, whether you win or lose. Sandra Bell always says, no matter what, we are all winners. When she says stuff like that, it makes you think about God and the strength He gave us and to think with our hearts and try to be the best person you can be.

When I started here, I was 15, and I was really scared. In the process, I feel like I have grown up and I have learned how to work as a team, not just one person. The school is like a family, and we act like a family. We appreciate what we have now and know other people in the world don’t have that luxury.

The other teams played really hard, and did their best. We will all see them at state this year. It felt good to host the tournament because when Special Olympics does the season, they want everyone to work hard, go out there and show what they are made of and to compete against other teams. Whether we win or lose, they always great other players and say good job. We did the same for our tournament here. It felt good to see other teams out here because we all have fun. I am proud because if Dr. Stewart was here, he would love how they (guests) walk on campus and see how beautiful it is. I am proud for them to see how beautiful our campus is and our dorms.

It feels good to play for Special Olympics. When I volunteer, we do a special project it feels good. It really makes me feel good just being yourself. Be yourself, we are a family here and different teams can feel the same by supporting each other through Special Olympics. I think I should find a way for other athletes to get a scholarship to play so they can know!

It’s a great opportunity for us to host that kind of tournament for Special Olympics of Kentucky because it’s a great way to meet different players from different counties and our Kentucky region. I think it is a good way to give back to Special Olympics to say thank you for all you have done for us in the past.


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