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Secondary Transition Reduces Anxiety

Andrew’s Transition

We have seen many wonderful changes in Andrew since his transition to Stewart Home School two years ago. The first and most obvious change has been in his physical appearance. His healthy eating and very active lifestyle have made a striking physical change. He is a new boy!!!

Andrew’s transition to living at SHS could not have gone smoother. He was used to being away from home in the summer and with help from the wonderful staff, the move-in went very well. (Now the transition for us was a little harder and is still a work in progress.)

An even bigger change has occurred in Andrew’s attitude toward life. At home, the world moved at a fast pace with many changing expectations that Andrew could not process easily. Early on, he learned to “fight the system” even if it included things he might really want to be part of. A relaxed environment, routine, and clear expectations at SHS have reduced his anxiety. It has allowed him to let his guard down and begin to participate in things happening around him.

Andrew has rarely had peer friends. While his communication and interactions are still limited, he is now moving into the group more in an “Andrew” kind of way. During Family Weekend we enjoyed seeing him interact with other students. He seems to have made connections with many of them and was genuinely happy to greet them.

Changes are slow but continuing. While his academic progress is limited, with his decreased anxiety and his growing willingness to be part of what is going on, he is showing more and more interest in his classes. He is beginning to take real pride in his accomplishments.

Transition to SHS has been life changing for Andrew. It is amazing to us how quickly the change has occurred. He is enjoying an independence that he could never have realized at home, he is free from a lot of the anxiety that kept him isolated and unwilling to try new things, and he is blossoming and very happy. Stewart Home School is truly an amazing place!!!

– written by Andrew’s mother, Debbie


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  1. Trudy J says:

    Love this! Go Andrew!!!

  2. Flo Fox says:

    I am so proud of your
    Andrew. I wish him a happy & healthy life. GOD BLESS HIM AND SHE!

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