An Anniversary to Celebrate - Stewart Home & School

An Anniversary to Celebrate

Yesterday, Sandra Bell, our Director, received this email. What a Happy Anniversary!!

Dear Sandy,

A year ago today, we became members of your Stewart Home School family. On August 17, 2010, our lives changed forever!

As we drove away that day, our emotions were all over the map – elation, depression, thankful, concerned. After many years of hope, prayer, and searching, was this another test or the real answer? We believed SHS was the right place for Patrick, buy was it the right time. Friends and family had told us he would not last two weeks. His behavior was too far out of control and he would never be able to concentrate on school.

Paul Scott’s daily reports of Patrick’s aberrant behavior during his first two weeks, were reminding us of those predictions. We then called you and asked if he should come home so as not to risk his chances of returning to SHS in the future. You told us ” Patrick is not doing anything that would get him kicked out of school. We are prepared for this kind of behavior. He will be OK. Don’t worry.” Your words were God’s confirmation that Patrick was in the right place at the right time in his life . Finally, we were at peace.

During the next several months, you and your staff transformed Patrick’s crosses into bridges for a wonderful future. Your encouragement, patience, compassion, and most of all Love, helped him through his toughest times without giving up or wanting to come home.

August 17th will remain in our hearts forever. In thanksgiving, we hoped to have had a mass said this past Sunday when we were in Frankfort. This did not work out. It has been rescheduled for October 23rd, 8:30am at Good Shepherd Catholic church. It will be for you and the staff, the students and their caregivers, and the Stewart family. We hope many can come.

Again, thank you for working with the Holy Spirit to help Patrick change his life. Truly, Stewart Home School is a part of Heaven on Earth.

Love, peace, and prayers,

Tom & Barbara