Amber Works Hard for Special Olympics - Stewart Home & School

Amber Works Hard for Special Olympics

During the Special Olympics Summer Games

by Amber

Hi there this is Amber, I want to represent being an athlete and it was my first time going to the (Special Olympics) state games. I love being here. I love all my teachers here. They always welcoming me here in Stewart Home School. I want to thank them so much. I had a great time.This home is my favorite school and my life is to be here and make friends and have fun. My goal is focusing on working out. Pam is a good trainer to have and I love her so much she puts me great effort. I want to say to her thank you for what you have done. I love being an athlete for Pam when I do my workouts. The fitness center helps me to be proud and keep a smile everyday when I go to my classes.

“I love being an athlete.”

Also Michael, my band teacher and chorus teacher, I am so proud of him for helping me and he is a great person. I want to say to him thank you so much for being in his class I love to sing in a group of my friends.

Before I was an athlete at home I had a swim coach she was a swimmer and she gave me some skills that’s how I learned that. In Pam’s room box jumps helps to push yourself, wall balls builds strong muscle to power through the water, and cardio helps strengthen your heart to help endurance.


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