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Amber Fitness, Warrior Fitness

“Warrior Fitness”

a super special fitness by Amber

Amber is a self-made athlete and fitness star. She came to Stewart Home & School because she was searching the internet looking for a personal trainer and found ours on our website. She has excelled at fitness since enrolling here at Stewart Home & School. Amber is a great role model, especially in the fitness area, for her fellow students. Amber always attends her classes on time, is a good example to other students, and assists them in learning new moves if she sees that they are struggling. Amber is very passionate about fitness and has participated in Cross Fit in Frankfort and her home state. Stewart Home is lucky to have such a wonderful example of a fit, smart, young lady to guide other students on their fitness journey.

Amber has called her blog “Warrior Fitness”. She credits her success to Pam Andrews, but she is a self-driven athlete and wants to share her knowlegde and secrets with all of you. Let’s rally behind this athlete and show her support for being fit!

Congratulations, Amber, on a job well done.



3 comments on Amber Fitness, Warrior Fitness

  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Great job Amber! Physical fitness is so important for all of us! Keep up the great work! You are truly a role model for everyone at school and their families.

    1. Tricia Spaulding says:

      Amber is truly a role model for all of our students. She has sparked a revolution of fitness here at Stewart Home & School. How neat is it when a student inspires others to be healthy?

  2. Xarah says:

    Amber you are great! Love the title “Warrior Fitness”!

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