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All-Star Employee


Andy is a hard worker. Anyone who knows him, knows he always works hard and aims to please. Andy has been working at Hardee’s here in Frankfort for months now. His coworkers support him and have promoted him to “Dish Manager”! He has carried his new name tag around everywhere he goes to show his new position to all on campus. Andy works hard at washing the dishes and any other job he is given at Hardee’s. Andy has worked hard in the classroom as well, learning vocation skills in order to be the best employee he can be.

Andy has learned about cleanliness; always wear a clean uniform to work, be clean shaven, clean face, and have clean hands/finger nails. Andy is always good about being punctual. One should always be on time to work! One place Andy didn’t need improvement is work-place attitude. He exemplifies respecting others, great manners, and being polite to everyone, especially customers, on a daily basis on and off campus. He is always putting others’ needs in front of his and is very loving and caring.

 Congratulations to Andy and all his hard work. It really pays to be awesome!

Stewart Home & School is one-of-a-kind community.  Most special education programs end at age 21, and then adult settings focus on vocational options and daily living skills.  Stewart Home & School assigns each person with special needs a special education plan in addition to goals for vocational placement, social maturity growth and daily living skills training.  Working together with the student, his/her family and the school faculty, each plan is implemented on a year-round, three-semester basis and schedules are adjusted as needed.

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  1. Chris says:

    I’m the assistant manager where Andy works and nobody is better at putting a smile on everyone’s face then this guy. He is a very hard worker and always has a great attitude. Andy is my go to sports guy also. I love this guy!!

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